Galerie Arte Decor invites you to Lea FEKETE (non-woven fabric) and Júlia ZELENÁ (silk) exhibition.

A spontaneous encounter of two fashion designers Júlia and Lea and the following decision to open an exhibition together stands not only for a connection of colours („Zelená“ means „Green“ in the Slovak language whereas „Fekete“ is “Black“ in Hungarian), but for a link between Bratislava – the western Capital of Slovakia and Košice on the very eastern edge of the country.

They are both fashion designers who could not bear the limitations of garment and have advanced to the fine arts where they work with textiles in their own unique ways.

While both artists are full-time fashion designers, Julia is engaged with painting on silk and tries to interconnect it with other techniques. Lea designs jewelry and works with non-woven fabric.

Fabric canvases of Lea Fekete complement one another with cool modern materials such as glass and metal. Intensification of colour, sophisticated imitation of the artistic gesture and the quality of fabric itself engender warmth, humanise today’s modern minimalistic living spaces and even as they tend to attract attention, they underline the quality of the space itself.

Works from the atelier of Júlia Zelená are part of a long-term series called „Landscapes“. Júlia looks at nature in her own way, creating a parallel visual world that exists only in her mind. Seemingly chaotic movements represent a stratification of layers which occurs, with progressing time, in nature as well as in men. This layering reminds us of the the depth and memory which, however, does not impede our ability to live in the present. Layering of miniature patterns symbolises the amount of time a person needs to spend on the journey of their life to understand what it meant.